Ephraim (pronounced ‘e-from’ or ‘e-free-um’ if you’re feeling fancy) Design was founded in 2014 by owner and lead designer Collin Kruger. We get our rather unique name from the town of which we were named after: Ephraim, Wisconsin. The town of Ephraim is located along the shores of Green Bay in the quant vacation destination of Door County, Wisconsin. Ephraim is known for its scenic coast line, towering bluffs, white clad buildings and the twin church steeples that can be seen from across the bay. The town itself gets its name from the biblical character Ephraim, meaning “doubly fruitful/blessed” in Hebrew. In other words, our name is two fold: “doubly fruitful” and named after a favorite town.

Ephraim Design was initially started as a side hustle in college by Collin but soon became much more demanding and became a full time job. Today, Ephraim Design is a full service digital design agency or Creative Sidekick as we like to say, serving businesses large and small all over the midwest. We pride ourselves in being small but doing the work of a much larger company. We hope to continue our success long into the future, and would love to have you along for the ride.